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Tuesday 22 December 2009

Poem: The Fire at Alexandra Palace

I saw the Palace burning,
Burning, burning,
I saw the Palace burning
Lighting up the sky 
A smoke-grey finger swirling
Swirling, swirling
Just glimpsed between the houses
Pointing to the sky

Then crowds of people surging
Surging, surging
To see the flames go licking
Up towards the sky

And scarlet engines racing
Racing, racing
With firebells loudly ringing,
Their clanging filled the sky

Like ants appeared the firemen,
Firemen, firemen
Swarming round the building
Dark forms against the sky

And children rushing forward,
Forward, forward
While policemen barred their progress
As they looked up to the sky

And beams and ashes falling
Falling, falling
Made everyone step backwards
As they watched the darkening sky

And now the wind was blowing
Blowing, blowing
And flames and smoke now billowed
In their race to meet the sky

And fiercely sprayed the water,
Water, water
As the firemen turned their hoses
Up towards the sky

Then home we turned, exhausted,
Exhausted, exhausted
The fire raged ever fiercer
And lit the dusky sky

The blaze was like a beacon
Beacon, beacon
All London saw it burning
Till dawn suffused the sky
       Then Lloyds paid out eight million                                   £8,000,000
       Eight million, eight million
       And the Owners were so happy                                     
       Their insurance was sky high                                   

Diana Grant



  1. Some lovely imagery in this poem Diana. I really enjoyed reading it! I particularly like the repetition in each verse. It works beautifully.

  2. Beautiful! I always enjoy poetry and I do believe you have a gift!

  3. Thanks Helen, I wasn't sure if it was too much repetition, but you have reassured me!


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