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Monday 27 June 2011

More Divorces Start After Holiday Periods Than Any Other Time

drawing - divorce - leaving home,sadMore people make the final decision to get divorced after they have been thrown together for a few days' holiday than at any other time.

Why do people start their divorce in late Summer or early in the new year?

The reason is obvious if you think about it - when they are working or carrying out their usual every-day activities, they manage to rub along, and do other things to avoid thinking about their unhappy marriage, but, if they are already getting on each other's nerves, there's nothing like a few days in close proximity and family arguments to bring it to a head.

In my Web Page on Squidoo - English Divorce Procedure, written from a lawyer's perspective, I explain exactly what the divorce process in England & Wales entails. This takes you through the legal process of divorce step-by step in simple language, even showing photographs of the court forms.

Although, strictly speaking, this article on Divorce is about the English law, it would be fairly similar in many English-speaking countries which derived their law from the UK - so my article would still be fairly relevant even if you live somewhere else.

And, of course, if one partner is still living in the UK and the other lives elsewhere, you would probably have a choice of jurisdictions (countries) in which to start the proceedings. You might wish to start them in the country which is most beneficial for your sex or wealth status.

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