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Thursday 14 July 2011

Humor and Jokes

There are some very funny humorous jokes going round the internet.

This is a selection of really good jokes and humour which I have received in my e-mail. These jokes often seem to start in one country, maybe England, and end up in the USA, and sometimes even travel back again. So they are a mixture of British humor jokes and American humor jokes, depending on which side of the pond they originated.

Humour is certainly alive and kicking amongst my friends and relations.

They are all clean jokes, and there are several simple jokes - I would say they are suitable funny jokes for children, depending on their level of understanding.

Some of them are really funny jokes, and others just observational humour. There are a couple of humorous short jokes, and one or two long jokes.

There are religious jokes, well, actually, just a Jewish joke and three Christian jokes, so no Muslims will be offended. In this way, I hope to avoid flag and effigy burning, the throwing of shoes and issuing of fatwas. There is also a political joke and a joke about lawyers

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