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Monday 15 August 2011

London Riots

I live in one of the troubled areas - Haringey.

Interesting to note that in our area the riots do not have a racial connotation, though this might be the case out of London, where the far right are involved.

But there is a lot of knife and gun crime, and the riots started because the police didn't explain or justify their action in shooting dead an Afro-Caribbean man. They said he shot first, but it has now transpired that all of the shots came from the police, although they say he threatened them first.Well it might be and it might not be - I would tend to suspend my judgment until the outcome of the independent inquiry. And whatever that is, there was no call to burn shops and homes in their own area and make 60 people homeless.

Our main worry here is keeping the teenage boys in our family out of trouble, but so far so good.

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