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Tuesday 13 September 2011

"London, My London" has just earned a Purple Star!

Juggler in Covent Garden outside SwarovskiI wrote this web page London my London on Squidoo to show off some of my many photos of London, the most wonderful city in the world. It's full of open spaces, trees, and internationally famous sights, such as Big Ben and the British Museum, but it also has little nooks and crannies which yield their pleasant surprises when least expected.

There are small museums which were simply the personal collection of one wealthy person, such as the Sir John Soane Museum, and the Hunterian Museum, which holds a very interesting medical collection within the Royal College of Surgeons (where I worked for a few months). I will shortly be writing a further web page on London, indeed a series in time for visitors to check out before the 2012 Olympic Games. So look out for more of the same.

I have also been wondering whether there would be any call for people wanting to rent a room with a family in London for a few days during the Games - I know lots of Londoners who would be happy to oblige, if you don't mind being in a suburb a little way from the centre, with something a lot less than luxury, but homely and welcoming nonetheless. Let me know if you think I should maybe do a short web page about that.

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