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Sunday 4 October 2015

Skulls and Hearts - Gothic Halloween

A fun page with Gothic #Halloween, #skulls and hearts, a Poll, posters,T-shirts and other products

Gothic Skulls and Hearts - Very Trendy!

I used to have a little white skeleton dangling from a key-ring when I was a teenager, in the 1950s. I loved that skeleton, and even had a name for him - Skelly. I took him everywhere.

Of course, although I didn't know it at the time, that was the precursor of Gothic style as we know it today.
People thought I was ghoulish or just plain weird, a little girl carrying round horrid things like that. Not that I cared - I always liked to be different, and still do. I would be a bit sad if people thought of me as ordinary, or normal - not that I make a point nowadays of standing out in a crowd, but I don't necessarily conform to what other people think I should be, and prefer to choose what I think I should be.

I'd like to show you a great selection of Gothic style here - including Jewelry, Cards, and Artwork

Skulls are trendy this season. When they are connected with romantic hearts you have weird somewhat tongue-in-cheek symbolism, of the loving you to death or loving for eternity genre

What's this all about? Gothic things, of course!

You might want to buy these items for Valentine's Day or Halloween , but they can be used all-year-round

I'm going to show you a few Gothic posters, some jewelry,  and cards  all featuring skulls and/or hearts. There are also lots of Ghoulish pictures to keep your attention

A Gothic Poster - Spiral Assassin - This fellow looks dangerous!


Spiral Assassin - Buy This on Allposters


A Skull and Heart Poster


Toma Mi Corazon

Abril Andrade

Buy This at Allposters.com


Hearts and Skulls Pendant Necklace:

 Skull Heart Pendant - Collectible Medallion Necklace Accessory Jewelry

 Skull Heart Pendant - Collectible Medallion Necklace Accessory Jewelry

this is my personal favorite skull pendant
for women - very decorative

See Below for My Zazzle Skull Designs - I've done quite a few:

Glorious Confusion on Zazzle

My Zazzle Skeleton and Skull Designs - Is there anything you like?

You Can Get this Skeleton Design on an Apron, Card, or iPad Cover, on Zazzle. You can even insert your own wording, or choose the colour and style of your items. Zazzle is just such a pleasure to play about with:

Apron - Skeletons

by GloriousConfusion



And this Skull design comes on a T-shirt, card or mug:

T-Shirt - Burning Skull by GloriousConfusion


What do you think of the Gothic Hearts and Skulls fashion trend? - Does it show disrespect for the dead? Is it an abuse of symbolism?


Lets see what you all thinkAfter all, we're all gonna die sometime!



Lisa Pullano


 Sexy Skull Nails

How to Draw a Skull

How to Draw a Skull:

Gangnam Style Parody - Whitby Gothic Style:

That's all for now, folks - don't forget to leave a comment below


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