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Friday 20 November 2009


Yahoo! Avatars              This is a selection of Questions on Google Answers with Diana's Replies

Mumbling While I Speak?

Hi, I usually mumble most thing's I say and so I don't really talk at all. But however, If I get a PS3 and a headset and talk to people for about 2 year's will I start to speak clearer?

Not really, as you could still continue with your habitual way of speaking. You need to practise using your facial muscles, saying a..e..i..o..u in an exaggerated way, stretching your mouth sideways, opening your jaw and using your lips as much as possible. You will feel the stretch. Also put your chin up, not down on your chest.

Do all this in front of a mirror, listen to yourself, including making a recording of what you sound like mumbling and what you sound like saying the same thing stretching your facial muscles. Feel and hear the difference. The new way might sound a bit silly, so keep it for practice, and tone it down a bit when talking to other people, but keep reminding yourself how to speak clearly and keep up the practice until it becomes a habit. Changing your habit is important so that you don't lapse when you are tired or embarrassed or nervous.
I went to speach training myself.

My baby is 16 months old and still not talkin?
He is 16 months old and my 2nd child. he started walkin a week before his 1st birthday and understands everythin you say to him. he tells me what he wants by shoutin or gesturin. my 1st son was walkin and sayin words. is he just a late starter??

Two out of seven babies in my family  were slow starters talking, but if they get what they want by gestures and noises, then don't worry, because that is in fact communicating and, as you say, your baby understands what you are saying. Some babies (including the two I mentioned) seem to wait until they can speak in whole phrases or sentences, rather than isolated words but they are thinking, and it doesn't mean they have something wrong with them, and indeed my two turned out to be well above normal intelligence.

If you are still concerned that there is a problem, speak to your doctor or ask if you can see a child development specialist.

What can you do with ground chicken?
It was on sale yesterday really cheap, I couldnt resist.. I just dont know what to do with it?

Chicken patties - you can add onion, cooked potato, cooked greens, the chicken and a raw egg (to bind it). Mix them all together, form them into burger shaped patties, dunk in flour to stop them sticking to the pan if you so wish, and fry in olive (or other) oil until pale golden brown, turning them over when needed.

Highly delicious - ooh I fancy some myself now

Asker's Comment:
They sound really good.. Definetly worth a try! thank you=)

Can I defrost sausages in the microwave?
Yes I am really that clueless and yes, my breakfast depends on this.  thanks :)

Yes I do, and I have never gone up in blue smoke or suffered any other ill effects. You could put it on lower power and do it for about 4 minutes. Then when you grill them, the grill will cook them through. I like my sausages well done until crispy, so there is no worry about them not being cooked in the middle.

What is your favorite meal to make one day, and using the meat, eat as leftovers the next?


Roast lamb and roast potatoes: I use all the yummy outside bits on the first day. Then on the second day I heat up the lamb and roast potatoes in a frying pan. This makes them as brown and crispy, if not more so, as they were on the first day, and therefore not like leftovers at all.

What would you do if someone particulally kids didn't like the smell of trout?

would you care if they put on tantrums?

I would take notice of them - we all dislike different things and they should be respected. Their sense of smell is more sensitive than that of adults and as they grow older you will find they are more comfortable with smells that revolt them when they are young. I remember when I was a child I couldn't bear to go into a butchers because the smell was overpowering and made me feel sick, but as an adult I hardly notice it.

The "Security Guard" in my local Morrisons is decrepit he couldn't catch a cold; so what's he FOR?
Next time I go there, I'm going to follow HIM around the store, and see how HE likes being spied upon.

So what do you expect? - he's not hired as a bouncer. YOU will be old one day, and lets see whether you change your mind then about who can and who can't do a job.

What do you think of immigrants who cannot speak the language?
I hate it, if you are going to live in the country, how can you not speak the language? I don't mind if they are tourists, but how can you become a resident without learning the language first?

The people who can speak the language but still insist on not speaking it in public places also annoy me.
What are your opinions?


I think they should be encouraged to learn by advertising free classes at their local community centres, and a sympathetic friendly approach by English-speakers.

On the whole the younger generation pick up English fairly quickly because they need to and their memory for vocabulary is better, but the older generation find it more difficult to adapt, find learning vocabulary a nightmare because of poor memory, and need more help, including, possibly, English speaking volunteers to befriend them and have patience with teaching them the basics.

I know many English speaking people living in Spain and other countries who tend to settle in little English enclaves and don't really assimilate, so why do we demand more of others than we are willing to do ourselves? Most English people in Africa and Asia (and Australia and New Zealand, dare I mention) didn't see fit to learn the indiginous languages so don't be too harsh on immigrants. Why not befriend them, treat them warmly and help them with kindness to overcome what must be quite a disadvantage to them.

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