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Tuesday 10 November 2009

Local Sights of North London: Muswell Hill, Wood Green,Hornsey and Highgate

Here are some Photo's of local architecture and scenery in North London

This is the view of Canary Wharf seen
from the Top of Hillfield Park Road
standing in Muswell Hill Broadway, N10

Eclipse over Rhodes Avenue,
                                                       Wood Green, N22

                                                             London Mennonite Library,
                                                                        Highgate N6
   Sewage Pumping Station,
                                                         Hornsey, N8

Did you ever wonder what was behind the locked wooden gate in Rhodes Avenue N22 with a sign on it saying "Danger", belonging to the Electricity Board?
To me it was one of life's unsolved mysteries for decades, and then a year ago it was unlocked for the first time in years, for maintenance purposes, and I nipped along and took a photo.  It made me so happy!

  Snow in Durnsford Road Park, looking
 out towards Durnsford Road, N22


Snow on the totem pole at Rhodes
Avenue Primary School, Wood Green N22

Helicopter circling to take off from - would you believe it - Muswell Hill Golf Course N22
(you can see the Club House in the background).  Very odd, and quite exceptional

 Bust of Oliver Tambo ANC Leader
who lived in Muswell Hill
You'll find it outside Alexandra Park School and
Rhodes Avenue Primary School
in Durnsford Road Park, Wood Green, London N22

Here's a Song, Muswell Hill Billy, by The Kinks, who used to live just up the road from me


  1. Great views of London. They will soon be available via the "Digital Bubble"!

  2. Hi Tobemore,
    Thanks. But what is the Digital Bubble?


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